Winemaker Meredith Sarboraria is wearing a blue plaid shirt and smilingwhile using a wine thief to take a sample of wine straight from a barrel in the RM cellar

Meet Meredith Sarboraria

The Winemaker

Raised among Livermore’s vineyards and wineries, Rodrigue Molyneaux’s winemaker Meredith Sarboraria knows what makes the wines of Livermore Valley special

Decades of Livermore Experience

Raised Among the Valley’s Vineyards

Meredith’s years of experience in the Livermore wine industry allow Rodrigue Molyneaux guests and club members to savor balanced, aromatic, and surprisingly unique varietals. Her hand touches every aspect of the winemaking process, but she involves the winery’s owners and staff, from harvesting, blending and finding the Valley’s best, non-estate grapes.

A Curated Portfolio

Discover Italian and Bordeaux-style wines that are approachable, affordable, and versatile. We carefully grow, ferment, age and bottle our wines so their true expression sings when it gets to your glass and table.

A bottle of Rodrigue Molyneuax 2021 Pinot Grigio

2023 Pinot Grigio

A bottle of Rodrigue Molyneaux 2018 Merlot

2018 Merlot

A bottle of Rodrigue Molyneaux 2018 Barbera

2018 Barbera

Our Winemaking

An RM employee stands on scaffolding raking freshly picked grapes into the crusher and destemmer machine


Hand-picked clusters are brought into the winery and processed on-site. Our whites are whole-cluster pressed and our reds are de-stemmed prior to alcoholic fermentation. Sugar levels are constantly monitored during this time. When fermentation is complete, red wine must (term for wine & skins) is pneumatic bladder-pressed before being placed into barrels for aging. All wine is produced using stainless steel equipment that is rigorously cleaned and sanitized.

Barrels of wine stored in a vineyard.


Our wine is primarily aged in French and Hungarian oak barrels, and our white wine is aged briefly in stainless steel. Through the aging process, wine is topped, tasted, and tested continuously. The red wine is racked, stabilized, and filtered for clarity. We age it in a cellar with constant temperature, humidity, and darkness. Once the wine has been aged in barrels, it is bottled and left to age once again to achieve the correct balance of fruit, acidity, and complexity.

A slice of blueberry and blackberry pie sitting on a wooden table on a blue and white china plate with a bottle of RM 2017 Envie dessert wine next to it

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