A person wearing a rose colored dress pouring red wine into stemware that is lined up on a weather picnic table outside

Join Our Wine Club Family

Out of State Wine Clubs

We want to be the first to welcome you to our wine club! There is no fee to join or monthly dues, just the cost of the wine at your member discount price, and an open invitation to partake in any of our events. Whether you are a budding wine enthusiast or a wine aficionado we have the club for you!

Shipping to 38 States

To reach the most people possible the Winery ships to most states twice a year, excluding: AL, AR, CT, DE, MI, MS, MT, NJ, ND, RI, SD, UT

Generous Discounts

Save 20-25% of all wine purchases in-person at the winery or online through the wine shop

Exclusive Events

Invite-only release events at the Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery. Bring a guest to share in the fun

Sales & Special Releases

We always keep our wine Club members top of mind with sales, low inventory, and special releases

A bottle of rm wineries cabernet franc, barbera, and petit verdon in the garden

for the wine enthusiast

Wineaux Abroad Club

For our budding wine enthusiast, you can continue to enjoy your favorite wines or discover something new with the Wineaux Club. All shipped right to your door.

  • Four bottles of wine two times per year
  • 20% discount off all wine purchases
  • Two complimentary tastings or a glass of wine
A bottle of RM Wineries Barbara wine in the garden

for the wine aficionado

Collectors Abroad Club

For our wine aficionado, continue to enjoy your old favorites and receive early access to low inventory and special releases. All shipped right to your door.

  • Six bottles of wine two times per year
  • 25% discount off all wine purchases
  • Two complimentary tastings or a glass of wine

One of the nicest wineries in the Livermore area. We have been members here for a while and we thoroughly enjoy our time at the winery. Great place to picnic and spend time in the shade in a pastoral setting.

– kartik j
Three club members in summer garden party attire and sun hats sampling award winning Rodrigue Molyneaux red wines

membership questions


Wine is shipped to our out of state wine club members two times a year, typically in April and November depending on weather forecasts.

There is no fee to join or maintain your club membership. You are charged two times a year for your wine and shipping costs.

Check our events calendar for the next planned shipment.

If you have your wines shipped, you can reschedule your club shipment. Please contact info@rmwinery.com or use or contact form.

Visit the member's login page to update your credit card online. You may also stop in the tasting room and one of our staff can update your credit card as well.

To cancel your club membership, email us at info@rmwinery.com or use our contact form.